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Arandas Tires & Rims has been one of the largest distributors of major wheel brands since its opening. All wheels carry manufacturer's warranties against defects in workmanship. Here are the types of wheels we offer:

1-piece wheels - This is the most common type of aluminum wheel. The casting of wheels is the process of getting molten aluminum inside a mold to form a wheel. There are different ways this can be accomplished and although it sounds simple, this is truly an art when done properly.

2-piece wheels - These are made from a cast or billet center welded into a spun forged barrel. This type of wheel weighs less than a 1-piece wheel and comes in a variety of offsets.

3-piece wheels - This type of wheel utilizes two or three components assembled together to produce a finished wheel. The rim sections for 3-piece wheels are normally spun from disks of aluminum. Generally, spun rim sections offer the ability to custom-tailor wheels for special applications that would not be available otherwise. The rim sections are bolted to the center and normally a sealant is applied in or on the assembly area to seal the wheel.

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